About Us

Tent-Service” has been designing and manufacturing frame and tent structures since 1999. Throughout 10 years of our

successful operation we have managed to realize a great deal of ideas, no matter how unfeasible they might seem at first.

Today, “Tent-Service” is a rapidly growing company that constantly improves its technological and production processes. 

We are never tired to offer new services to our customers and steadily expand the variety range of our products.

All the products presented on this website are based on our own projects developed by our design and production departments.

Pre-project simulation of future tent structures is the key to highlight all the advantages and disadvantages on this stage,

making sure that the final product will satisfy all requirements of each customer and comply with all applicable standards and norms.    


Our own production facilities, professional team, and state-of-the-art top-ranking equipment are the keys to work out any projects regardless of their complexity, from vehicle curtains to circus tents.

Using materials from first-class foreign companies such as Ferrari, Sioen, Mehler in the production process, we unfailingly provide our customers with after-sale service and confidence in their right choice.
The structures we have made appear in the majority of regions of Russia as well as beyond its borders. One of the most promising directions of our activity is awning architecture including pavilions for various applications and circus tents that can be used for circus performances, entertainment and restaurant businesses.

The standard construction we’ve designed for two-masted circus tents 20 to 26 m in diameter can be used in any of the above-said applications. Four years of its faultless performance surely prove it!

If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us now!